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It Could Be Forever

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Published by Sistarazzi. Copyright 2014. It Could Be Forever. All rights reserved.

Trivia and fun facts from the journey of  It Could Be Forever by author Léa Rebane

*Yes I came up with the name 'Brandi 'by listening to the song by Looking Glass. Loved that song back in the 70s.

*At a book signing I did at Dymocks Adelaide Rundle Mall store, a pair of teen-aged looking girls came up to the table with the life size cut-out of David lying there. I made a comment to them that they probably don't know who he is. To my surprise, one of the girls defiantly told me, 'I do know. It's David Cassidy'. She explained that her mum is an avid fan. She wanted to buy a book but didn't have enough money on her. Her friend looked at her with an expression warning her not to ask, but girl #1 began begging her friend for the money to buy a copy of the book for her mother. They walked off eventually but even as they ascended down the escalators, I could hear the girl loudly debating, 'But it's DAVID CASSIDY!'

*Speaking of the life sized cut-out, when I picked him up from the graphics place that made him for me, the woman told me she simply could not stop staring at his face. Awww...

*The church where Lisa talks to the Notre Dame is based on a chapel at Mont St Michel, Normandy, France.

*The tickets on the cover of the book are photos of the originals from David's Adelaide concert on March 12, 1974 at Memorial Drive.