*Editing and Proofreading
I am a total 'grammar nerd'. My own editor Serena Tatti, could tell you how pedantic I was over my novel. After engaging her professional services, I still went through my manuscript roughly twenty times before I could allow it to be 'out there'. I definitely have a *huge* eye for detail.
At Sistarazzi, we want to help you make the best of your writing - whether it be your upcoming novel, your thesis, your research, your business profile.
There is nothing worse than reading a novel, or a so-called, 'professional document' and finding typos and grammatical errors. It truly does put people off, which can come at a huge professional cost. And in these times of high level competition for just about everything, we don't want that.
With Sistarazzi editing and proofreading services, you can be assured that we will give your work that certain edge. Regardless of where you are on the planet, we can work together. We've got your back.

*Business Photography
We don't do weddings! You read that correctly. At Sistarazzi, we are here to make your business shine with photos for your leaflets, website - wherever you want to put them! No point in raving on - take a look at some of our business photography here.

*Promotions and Social Media
Ooh yeah - promotions, sweetie darling! That's what we live for. If you need help in getting your business onto social media, or help with producing a media release, or  are just thinking, 'Geez, where do I start?' - contact us for a free consult on how we can help you.

That's enough words. Action is where we're at. If you would like us to help you make your dreams come true in your business, novel, printed material, corner of the world - drop us a like at backstage@itcouldbeforever.com 

We'd love to hear from you.

Keep shining!

*Editing and Proofreading

*Business Photography

*Promotions and Social Media

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