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It Could Be Forever

I absolutely loved this book, I just couldn't put it down. Having first fallen in love with David Cassidy in the very early 70s and having remained a fan ever since, I found I identified completely with the excitement and heightened emotions which this book evokes. With just an occasional tweak in order to move reality into a (almost) perfect fantasy, she has woven together well-known public events and fan knowledge of the David Cassidy world and has created, well, pretty much the story of any David Cassidy fan's dreams, mine included. For me, almost every page held a new joy, and yes, I even had to stifle an occasional scream!! I am an avid reader and rarely read any book more than once but this is one I am most certainly going to enjoy again and again.

A. Hanson

Won't spoil it for others but say WOW what a fantastic story. Loved and hated you for such wording that made me laugh and cry -  just one question now - could you do another one ? Loved it, thank you.

Glyn Charlesworth

Just finished this book. Wow!! Absolutely loved it.. It draws you in and takes you back to when we all still dreamed of meeting our idol, and how we wished it would be. The plot worked the whole way through, no gaps, no thinking 'where is this going?'. Absolutely brilliant job, waiting for the next one.

Julie Dumesny

I finished reading your book this afternoon - the personalities, the emotions, the various surroundings, are all so vividly described... I was pulled in from the start. I too have read David's autobiography (**blush**) and thought your introduction and afterward were sensitive and also insightful. I've lived in Los Angeles County my entire life (50 years) and it was fun to be able to relate with where certain places are, such as Encino, the Polo Lounge and the LA Hilton (although I've never been to the Polo Lounge!) Thank You for a wonderful story...

Colleen O'Mullen

Absolutely loved the book! From the very first page the story has you captivated! Lisa's journey took me back to the days when I was a teenager in the 70's. The fashion, the catch phrases, the squealing and secret sharing with girlfriends, and most of all the music! It was like taking a trip back in time. The story line is brilliant and believable. I was feeling everything Lisa was feeling...I WAS Lisa. I couldn't put it down! Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Linda Summers

Have just finished your book. Admittedly, I was unsure what to expect, as I was not a David Cassidy fan. However, it transported me exactly to being a pop idol fan and fantasies that go with that. Beautifully written. It engaged me from the beginning. Couldn't wait to finish it this morning. Fantastically interwoven with reality. It will be a hit! XXX

Kadri Auväärt