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Who was your *big* rock idol crush?

What if they’d asked you to go on tour with them?

Have you dared to dream of the possibilities that could happen?

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'I don’t normally read novels and yet I couldn’t put this book down. I was transported back to the 70s and relived the David Cassidy era all over again. Heart throbbing, exciting, exhilarating... A must read for all David Cassidy fans and romance enthusiasts.’ – Mandy Johns.

'The day I stop seeking out the magic dust in life is the day I stop living’, is author Léa Rebane’s motto. Léa has worked in a constellation of roles and projects throughout her life, ranging from manager of a school for aspiring young performers to facilitator of community health groups. Creating diversity, and a little adrenalin, keeps Léa inspired and optimistic. For her, these are the shields for dodging the downpours that life tends to squirt us with from time to time. 

Meet Author Léa Rebane

It Could Be Forever is a hot novel for anyone who has ever dreamt of being swept away by a sexy rock star.

Or fall in love with David Cassidy all over again through the eyes of Lisa Magnusson, as she is spun into his world under the brightest of spotlights.

In the 70s, David Cassidy toured the world and picked up much more than just applause. This story takes you through the highs and heartbreaks of a chaotic concert tour, to an almost fairy tale romance. But no hot rock love story is a simple sweet ballad, as millions of fans are vying for exactly that same thing.

Lisa’s story is one of a dream come true – filled with giddy love, steamy sensuality and having the world at her feet. However Lisa discovers that living under a spotlight is not cosy and warm. She finds herself in LA, where it can be difficult to trust the people – and the drugs.

It Could Be Forever